Holland expat - Letting your home

You want to let your residence, temporary or for a longer period? Depending on your situation you might consider to rent your residence to an expat. Letting a residence to an expat is basically always temporary, for a specific period.

The advantages of renting your residence to an expat

  • An expat is in the Netherlands for a specific period and won't stay in the accommodation for a longer term.
  • An expat has a good salary and receives most of the time an allowance for living of his employer.
  • Expats are no defaulters, also because of their financial situation.

Preparation on renting your residence to expats

A good preparation is important when renting your residence to an expat. Think, for example, about the tax filing, mortgage lender, insurances and so on.

We are specialized when it comes to letting residences. That's why we can give you the correct advise about legislation, responsibilities, maintenance, agreements, surety services, delivery, furnishing, renting to residents of the Netherlands or expats, marketing, inventory of the accommodation and more.

Non-Committal advic

When you are considering to rent your residence, but you aren't informed yet about the aspects that come along, you can apply for an advice conversation which won't commit you, you will only receive our advice. You can contact us before you rent your residence to an expat. We can inform you about all aspects you have to think about. We can advice you about the rental fee as well.

Broker office

We are a broker office with years of experience in mediate between people who want to let their residence, and expats who are looking for an accommodation to stay temporary. We are specialized in finding appropriate residences for employees who are staying in the Netherlands for a temporary period.