Expats in Nederland - renting a home

Are you looking for a residence or apartment to rent for an expat?

We are a broker agency, affiliated to the Dutch Association for Brokers (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Makelaars), specialized in providing accommodations for expats (expatriates). Our agency has years of experience in mediate between people who want to let their home or apartment, and people who are looking for a temporary place to stay. We are the specialist when it comes to finding a suitable residence for employees who're staying in the Netherlands for a short, or longer period.

You can make use of our services when you are looking for a place to stay for expats who will arrive in the Netherlands within a month, or expats who already are in the Netherlands.

We will support your employee(s) to find appropriate furnished residences or apartments for expats to engage at short term, or immediately.

Are you an expat or repat and looking for a residence to tide over?

Find a place to live and giving good support is something we can do for you. We will take care of your living wishes and give you a selection of opportune residences to rent that will suit your living wishes. We will accompany you with the inspection of residences, negotiations, and making up the Tenancy Agreement.

Our service

  • You can count on our professional advice and support. We will take into account your specific living wishes and financial possibilities. We will look after your concerns when we search for a suitable, temporary place to stay. We have the knowledge of the market, and the correct resources to find a suitable residence for you on a responsible way.
  • Obviously we negotiate about the rent and lease of residences, so we can achieve the best result for you.
  • Most of our owners are private individuals. The rental situations are mainly determined by the owners, in consultation with our office. The rental situations are in accordance with the market conditions.
  • We have a data file with residences for the expat community. This file is accessible by using the internet and you can register for our mailing list. Our data file is daily updated.
  • Our employees can make a list of the most appropriate residences to rent, based on your preferences. They will make an appointment with the expat to inspect residences with one of our advisers.
  • We will take care of a qualified translation of the Tenancy Agreement and the General Conditions in English . In the General Conditions you'll find information about the use of facilities and a description about checking in and out the residence.
  • We are the solution when you are looking for a temporary convenient residence in the Netherlands. Our portfolio includes a great diversity of rentable residences; detached houses, villa's and apartments, furnished as well as half-furnished.

Reliable partner

  • Affiliated at the Dutch Association for Brokers (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Makelaars)
  • Affiliated at the Brokers association Amsterdam (Makelaars Vereniging Amsterdam)
  • Guidance by a team of professional advisers
  • High amount of service, quality and reliability
  • More then 15 years of experience

In our organization, service is one of the most important factors towards our clients.
Our service package is composed in such a way, we can offer our clients all possible help they need finding a suitable residence. We would like to help you finding the perfect residence for expats.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to have more information.